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Have you ever tried to get three puppies to line up nicely and stay in one place long enough for a picture?  Almost always one gets up and the rest follow or one wants to play with the puppy sitting next to them. Here we are caught in the act of trying to get three puppies to line up and stay in position long enough to take a picture.  Getting one puppy to sit still for a moment is a challenge.  Two puppies takes infinite patience.  Three puppies are pretty much impossible.  In the end we relied on speed and...

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You  can't chose the time and place and you definitely can't ethically bribe them with treats, but, pet photography and wildlife photography share a common challenges and traits.  There is always the common need to properly represent and capture the spirit of the animal being photographed.  Harbor seals are often called the dogs of the sea.  They have a laid back curiosity around our human activities.  Working close to the water one can get the feeling of being watched and find that a seal is quietly hanging out and observing the action. Once spotted they drift slowly under the water...

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