Are our limited edition prints archival quality?

In a word, yes.  The limited-edition prints are printed to archival standards.  We  use high quality archival photo art paper, matching the paper to the style of the photograph.  We have teamed with a local fine art printer, Photohop, to print all of our limited edition prints.  They are a boutique company that is the only fine art printer in North America to be certified through the ArtSure digital print certification program.

If you are receiving a framed print we carefully mount the picture on acid free backing board and mat it using acid free archival mat board.  We use acrylic rather than glass to reduce weight and minimize the risk of breakage.  Finally, we frame the picture with a hand-crafted frame made from privately sourced natural wood (see below).  We then wrap it securely with the minimal amount of packaging that will properly protect the picture and ship it to you.

What is a Limited-edition Print?

The term limited-edition print can have many meanings.  We have adopted the following interpretation.  

Limited editions for a print are normally made in three sizes.  For example, a print may have a limited edition run of 10 for a smaller size, 8 for a medium size and 3 for a large size.  While there may be open runs for very small sizes and for inclusion on note cards or other non-archival media, once the limited number (plus a small number of Artist Proofs) is reached for a defined limited-edition no further prints will be made for that size.  Each limited-edition print has an included certificate of authenticity to certify that it is a limited-edition print.  Prints will be signed and numbered using an acid free pen in the margin beneath the image or on the back.

The Legal Bits

The photographer reserves the right to reproduce images used to create a limited-edition for use in other formats such as, but not limited to, note cards, calendars, and books. These reproductions are not considered originals, but may augment the value of your original. Although effort has been made to ensure the measurements of prints are correct, this is not guaranteed as each print is individually made and some may be hand cut.

All limited edition prints are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

What is the story of the wood we use for our frames?

The wood that we are using in our frames is tiger maple.  It is sourced from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.  The wood comes from the lower part of the tree where the stresses of growth create the “tiger” grain. This wood is much softer than the eastern maple that is sold commercially by lumber yards.  Due to its relative scarcity, it is not usually considered to be a commercial wood.  Because of this logging companies on the west coast will fell these trees but not harvest them.  Locals, with portable mills, will sometimes come in to collect this wood mostly for their personal use.

While the wood has a beautiful grain structure and is perfect for making elegant picture frames it is difficult to source.  We are very lucky to have access to a one-time limited supply of this wood.