Do You Take the Cat to the Plant or the Plant to the Cat?

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Do You Take the Cat to the Plant or the Plant to the Cat?

The trick answer is neither.  In this case it was just a matter of having the camera ready to capture a moment.  Muffin decided to check out the foliage of this new arrangement for catnip or catnip like flavors.

A mild admonition to leave the plants alone created this "Who Me?  Nothing to see here" moment.  Luckily it lasted long enough for me to get the camera up and take a couple of pictures.

The light was right, Muffin was relaxed but attentive, and she chose the right spot to settle for a moment's contemplation.  It is almost impossible to create this type of picture through staging.  While one can manage the light during staging and the plant will pretty much stay where it is put, the cat will either refuse to sit in the right spot or sit and look deeply offended and distressed.  Having a camera close by to get the natural picture at the moment everything aligns is the way to get truely memorable pictures.

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