A Group Picture Would Be Nice

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A Group Picture Would Be Nice

Have you ever tried to get three puppies to line up nicely and stay in one place long enough for a picture?  Almost always one gets up and the rest follow or one wants to play with the puppy sitting next to them.

Here we are caught in the act of trying to get three puppies to line up and stay in position long enough to take a picture.  Getting one puppy to sit still for a moment is a challenge.  Two puppies takes infinite patience.  Three puppies are pretty much impossible.  In the end we relied on speed and stealth.  We got them lined up and sitting by holding their collars.  I positioned my self and started shooting.  The people released the dogs and quickly backed out of the shot.  This allowed a few frames before one of the puppies realized they were free and broke ranks.

Posing a group of puppies is rarely effective.  A better idea is to let them play until they have worn off excess energy.  Then, you might get lucky and find them all resting together, giving you the opportunity to easily get a picture that is cute and natural.

And here is the best picture we were able to get from the attempt.

three puppies

Certainly, not formal and posed.  Let's go with spontaneous and carefree.

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