Natural Wood Frames

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Traditional matted pictures with natural wood frames are an elegant way to display your art.

These frames are made from beautiful tiger maple that is sourced from the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.  This is difficult to source so it is unlikely that we will be able to replace it once our present supply is used. For more details see our FAQs.

These frames are paired with a double matting that enhances the impact of the art.  Matting adds approximately three inches per side.  Combined with the width of the frame the outside dimensions of the picture will be approximately eight inches per side larger than the print size.  For example, a 16 x 24 print will result in a framed picture that is approximately 24 inches by 32 inches.  All sizes are approximate.

Sizes can be customized to match the size of picture you chose.  If you do not see the size you need listed below contact me and I will get you what you need.