Capture the Spirit

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Capture the true spirit of your pet with a photography session.  Each session involves 4 steps:

  • Initial consultation - we meet you and your pet, discuss your goals and ideas, and plan the shoot.
  • The shoot - we go on location to get the pictures of a lifetime.
  • Product consultation - review of photos and ordering of the final fine art products.
  • Product pick-up

During the initial consult we will identify the right location to get the pictures that you are after.  We will then set up times for the shoot and product consultation.

As the day of the shoot approaches we will check that the weather is cooperating and re-book if necessary.  On the day of the shoot we will meet at the location chosen and spend approximately an hour shooting various poses and settings.

After approximately 2 weeks to pre-process the images we will get together for a product consultation.  It needs to be noted that sometimes things don't go as planned. Your pet may have had an off day, I may of had an off-day, or the site may not have given us the pictures we are after.  In that case we will re-book a new session to make certain that you get the images that you are looking for.

The session fee covers the initial consultation, the photo session, selected initial editing of pictures, and product consultation.  It also includes low resolution digital copies of selected pictures.  Not included in the session fee are high resolution digital files, artwork, and travel and living expenses for distant shoots.