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It may be something that we stay pretty quiet about but the best photographer of your pet is often you. We may have the equipment, compositional abilities, and lighting knowledge that allows us to get pictures that are great technically but you have a much greater ability to capture the moments that create lasting memories.  You know your pet and are around when they are most relaxed.  This gives you the opportunity to be there when their true character and spirit is on display. Today, the cameras on smart phones have the ability to take quality pictures and most people have them...

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A black and white dog needs soft light to avoid overexposing the whites or underexposing the blacks.  This picture was taken in the evening during golden hour to take advantage of the soft warm light.

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There are three non-technical steps that need to be addressed if you want to get a picture of your pet that moves beyond the quick snapshot.  They are not easy to accomplish but the results that you will achieve make it worth while.  Let's jump right in.    1. Remove Stress Some pets are naturals in front of a camera while others become deeply stressed when asked to be a model.  This might be caused by the introduction of a new person in the form of a photographer, the presence of camera equipment, or the process of posing for a...

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