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The trick answer is neither.  In this case it was just a matter of having the camera ready to capture a moment.  Muffin decided to check out the foliage of this new arrangement for catnip or catnip like flavors. A mild admonition to leave the plants alone created this "Who Me?  Nothing to see here" moment.  Luckily it lasted long enough for me to get the camera up and take a couple of pictures. The light was right, Muffin was relaxed but attentive, and she chose the right spot to settle for a moment's contemplation.  It is almost impossible to...

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I take pictures for AARCS to help stray animals find a new home.  It is usually a bit of a "run and gun" process as time is limited and the resolution of the pictures on their website is very low.  There is never the opportunity to do a preliminary evaluation of the setting and animal.  This can be a creative opportunity, challenging one to optimize compositions and lighting on the fly.  But, sometimes the subject decides not to play along.  Most cats and dogs are somewhat wary of individuals crawling around on the floor waving cameras around and flashing off strobe lights. ...

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