Custom Prints

If you have seen a picture in the POD archives that you would like to have a print of send me a note providing the following information:

  • the name of the specific picture you are interested in
  • the size that you would like
  • the preferred medium (see below)
  • whether you would like it framed

I will get back to you with a quote and then you can decide whether to proceed.

All of our custom prints are printed by Photohop, a professional fine art photograph printing service.  They are the only fine art printer in North America to be certified through the ArtSure digital print certification program.   

Through them, we offer the following options for presentation:

  • Fine Art Prints are printed on archival fine art paper to archival giclee printing standards.  We have selected a paper that we feel best represents the character of the photo being printed.

  • White aluminum and brushed aluminum prints are printed directly on an aluminum panel.  The process creates a durable print that can be hung indoors or out.  White aluminum prints reproduce colors accurately and give the picture a modern contemporary look.  Brushed aluminum does not reproduce colors accurately but, on the right picture, provides depth and radiance.  We only offer brushed aluminum as an option if we feel that they can handle the medium but be aware that the print will be substantially different than other medium produce.  Also, note that aluminum prints are not considered to be archival.  While they should last for years they have not been independently tested and are therefore not certified. 

  • Canvas prints are printed on certified archival grade canvas and stretched using a standard gallery wrap.  This creates a mounted image that is 3/4 inch deep.  Perfect for hanging as is or placed in a decorative frame.  The picture is then coated with a UV protecting satin varnish to protect from scratches, moisture and UV radiation.

  • Acrylic prints are printed on an acrylic panel.  This gives the photograph a sharpness, color, and reflectivity that increases the depth and vibrancy of the picture.  As with aluminum prints, acrylic prints are not considered to be archival.  While they should last for years they have not been independently tested and are therefore not certified.