The Story of Our Framed Prints

If you purchase a print framed by us you will be receiving a unique customized product with a very interesting story.

As with all of our paper prints each picture is first printed on premium archival fine art paper.  We have teamed with Photohop, a local boutique fine art printer who is one of only a few North American printers that have achieved certification by the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild. 

The print is then double-matted with custom matting to enhance the impact of the photograph.

The frames themselves are handmade

One option is constructed from tiger maple that has been sourced from "waste trees" that are cut but not harvested by forestry companies.  It is a beautiful wood that adds character and elegance to the limited edition prints.  There is only a limited supply of this wood so once it is gone this frame style will disappear.

Framed Picture


Another option is used for acrylic and metal prints.  These frames present your art in a contemporary fresh format that takes advantage of the unique attributes of these picture formats.  A narrow frame floats the picture to display it at its best.


Float Frame