Pet Photography FAQs


What is included with the session fee?

The session fee covers the initial consultation, the photo session, selected initial editing of pictures, and product consultation.  It also includes low resolution digital copies of selected pictures. 

Sometimes a second shoot is required to get the right picture and will be provided as part of the original session fee.  

Not included in the session fee are high resolution digital files, artwork, or travel and living expenses for distant shoots.

Does my dog have to be off-leash?

In a word, no. The first consideration is the safety of your pet.  We use the magic of Photoshop to remove the leash and other distractions as needed to create the right look.

Why "On location" and not in a studio?

*Note: Due to Covid restrictions only outdoor sessions are available.

Pets can become nervous when placed in a new setting such as a studio.  We want to capture the true character of your pet which can only be done if they are comfortable and in familiar surroundings.  While it is more difficult to take pictures on location we feel that it is the best way to get the result that you are after.

Is There a Guarantee?

We want you to love your photo(s).  Our guarantee is that you will get the photograph that you want.  From time to time a session will not work as planned.  If that happens, we will reschedule and try again to get the right shot. 

While we will do everything to make certain that the final print you chose meets our high standards and is acceptable to you, unless there is a technical issue in printing we cannot guarantee prints or other products.

The Fine Print

  • Copyright for all photographs is maintained by the artist.