The Right Perspective?

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The Right Perspective?

Getting the right perspective in a picture makes all of the difference when trying to capture the true spirit of your pet.

This first picture is a pretty traditional portrait that captures the "happy go lucky" character of Atlas.  It was taken at her eye level (slightly above) which enhances our perception of her being friendly, non-threatening and happy.

A minute or two later I took this picture from a completely different perspective.

I was laying down in the grass looking up.  Two things happened when I did this.  First the perspective makes Atlas look much larger and more intimidating.  Secondly, Atlas was a little uncertain as to what was going on and presented a more constrained demeanor that shows in the picture.  Most people would not consider this picture to be representative of their pet's character and few would want it framed and put up on the wall but it demonstrates the importance of perspective and timing.  If this perspective was combined with the pose from the initial picture one would, like in the picture below, see the regal side of Atlas.


Winston, an award winning show dog, required that I photograph him from a low perspective to bring out his regal character.  Combining a low perspective with his off camera gaze, broad stance, and fine grooming give us an immediate and powerful feeling of his character.

There are, however, some downsides to getting low to take a picture.  As it turned out, a few seconds after I took the picture of Atlas I was subject to a full on face washing as she checked to make certain that I was okay.

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