The Best Picture are About a Subject

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The Best Picture are About a Subject

James Popsys, in a recent YouTube video, suggests that the best pictures are created when the picture is about something rather than of something.  His reasoning is that pictures about a subject create a greater level of attention that leads to a higher level of engagement and enjoyment.

This picture of Ferguson on a park bench is a great example of this. It is about Ferguson much more than it is of Ferguson.  The picture puts Ferguson into a contextual environment that captures one's attention.  On seeing this picture questions immediately come to mind.  Why is this dog sitting alone on a bench?  Is he waiting for someone or has he been left behind? Where, exactly, is he?  All of these questions cause you to engage more fully with the picture and take more time to explore its story.

So, when take we take pet photographs, we try to include pictures about your pet, the interests they have, and their normal experiences.  It's nice to have pictures of your pet, but it is great to have pictures about your pet that tell a story of their life.

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