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I was out in the boat looking for ducks to photograph and was just approaching my planned turnaround point when I spotted a gull that kept popping out past a headland.  I assumed that he was just playing in the winds blowing off the headlands and was about to turn when something made me decide to go and take a look.  When I did I found this eagle on the shore.  The gull was busy circling to see if the eagle had any leftovers from a meal. The eagle gracefully allowed me to take a number of shots but, unfortunately for...

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There is never a dull moment on the West Coast.  On a Saturday, drinking coffee on a grey morning, suddenly, the ocean explodes.  Hundreds of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins come racing down the Inlet, clearly in a hurry to get through the rapids. It is quite a sight when all of these dolphins are, ahh, porpoising through the water, leaping and breaching as they move down the Inlet at 20-30 mph.

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Imagine sitting on a dock and watching as an adult sleeping Sea Lion drifts by. 

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