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When photographing wildlife bad weather often means good pictures.  When the weather is bad wildlife patterns are often disrupted creating opportunities.  If the weather is cold or stormy wildlife will often spend more time feeding making them easier to locate and creating more photographic opportunities.  Beyond that, bad weather creates more interesting environments for picture taking.  Fog, mist and rain can soften backgrounds making it easier to isolate subjects.  Wet surfaces create reflections while snow often adds interest and mood. So, if the weather is bad, dress appropriately, and head out to get that unique picture.

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Snow, Sunshine Coast, West Coast -

It is not too often that a cold spell on the coast creates the conditions where the ground is covered with snow for a number of days.  With snow coming right to the water's edge animal behaviour changes.  The otters convert the dock into a makeshift "slip'n slide" rolling, sliding, and frolicking.  The flocks of small birds move quietly through the branches, their sounds muffled by the snow on the tree branches.  Squirrel and chipmunk trails become obvious in the snow. It is a different world when the snow sticks but it is transient.  After a few days everything is...

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